You’ve made the decision to work with Adam and start the path to a successfully SOLD property. Here is what to expect during the entire process of listing your home with him.

Preferred Method of Contact

After you have discussed your wants, needs and what you are ultimately looking to get out of your sale, Adam will need to know your preferred method of contact. Do you prefer to communicate via text messaging, email or would you rather use good old-fashioned telephone calls? Does your method of communicating change depending on the time of day or what day of the week it is? Whatever your preferred method of contact is, Adam is happy to accommodate so you can stay connected throughout the process.

Install a Lockbox

Usually, for ease of accommodating buyers for showings, Adam will place a lockbox on your property. This means that he will need a key to place inside of it. These lockboxes are very safe and secure and only when a showing appointment is confirmed by you, does he grant another agent access to the lockbox code. This code is electronically changed daily and is synced to each agent’s phone for recognition and security purposes.

Professional Photography/Videography

Now comes the fun part! Adam hires a professional photographer/videographer to shoot your home. He will only ask for you to make sure the house is neat and tidy, lawn mowed, gardens weeded, trimmed etc. The rest is up to Adam and the photographer to make everything at your property look amazing and stand out.

Captivating and Unique Property Descriptions

Adam works on the property specific descriptions that are posted on the listings. He visualizes who the buyer would be and focuses on the details of the home that will most appeal to them using his highly descriptive and creative writing skills.

For Sale Sign Install

After the property is shot, Adam will contact his “For Sale” sign installer to have his sign put up on your property in the most visual and convenient place possible.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Now is when Adam and his administrative team work on getting your property in front of as many qualified buyers as possible. Adam uses social media, digital, print, direct mail, email, phone calls, text messages, etc. He uses every possible marketing format to shout your listing from the rooftops.

Showing Requests

A common question is whether buyers will contact you directly to view your home. The simple answer is “no”. Every single showing request goes through Adam or his office and they will contact you directly to schedule any viewing appointments. You will never have unexpected people show up on your door. Adam coordinates all showings for you and gives you plenty of heads-up time.

Showing Feedback

Once a showing has occurred, if Adam hasn’t personally showed your property, he has systems in place to request showing feedback from the buyer’s agent, directly. This feedback is crucial to get the buyers opinion on the property; what they liked, what they didn’t like as much, thoughts on pricing, etc. As this information comes to him, he will always relay the details to you so that you are constantly informed. This will help you be more prepared when it is time to make an offer decision.

Offer Presentation

Once you have offer(s) come in, Adam is there 100% to help and guide you with making the appropriate response. Whether it is simply to accept the offer as is, compose a carefully thought-out counteroffer, or flat out decline the offer, what you do in response and how it is handled right off the bat can oftentimes make or break that deal. Adam has seen countless scenarios and situations play out and with many years of experience, he is best qualified to give you his expert advice.

After the Accepted Offer

Once an offer has been accepted, Adam looks after coordinating any inspections or bank appraisals with you, so again, you will never have unexpected and unannounced visitors show up at your door.

Sold Sign Install

When the Buyer has fulfilled or waived their conditions and the deal is firm, Adam puts up the SOLD sign.

Document Delivery

Now that your deal is sold firm, Adam looks after sending all the legal documentation to your lawyer of choice. From this point, your lawyer will take over the legal aspect of the deal and will contact you to make arrangements to sign off and to retrieve the keys.

Sold Sign and Lockbox Removal

Generally, Adam likes to keep the SOLD sign up and the lockbox on site until a day or two prior to closing. The sold sign proudly displays that you were successful in selling your home and the lockbox remains for ease of entry for the buyer’s final walk through(s) prior to closing.

Constant Access and Communication with Me

Getting in touch with Adam is always easy. His phone is always on and he is always available for you if you ever have any questions, even after the sale. Do not hesitate to contact him to discuss whatever is on your mind. Adam will always speak with you same day with evenings, weekends and holidays being no exception.