The Buying Process

Buying a home is extremely exciting, and for most people, the purchase of their home is one of the most significant financial decisions they’ll make in their lifetime. Knowing what to expect as a first-time home buyer can be a bit overwhelming at first. Properly planning for your purchase and hiring Adam to help you with this major milestone can make this process significantly quicker and easier.


There are many factors and costs to consider when you begin the buying process. Before we start searching for properties that suit your needs, determine your financial situation by speaking to a mortgage specialist and get yourself pre-approved for financing. If you need help finding reputable mortgage specialists’ or financial experts that know your market, Adam can recommend some of the top professionals to get you on your way. By exploring your mortgage and down payment options, you’ll better understand your budget and how to narrow down your home search.

The Government of Ontario also offers different incentives which may or may not apply to your situation. Contact Adam today to discuss details of these rebates and how they work. You may be able to save some money!


Setting your budget is the next important step before you begin your property search. Once you have been pre-approved for a certain value, you may or may not want to spend that amount. Keeping a somewhat flexible budget is important because there are other costs aside from your down payment and mortgage to take into consideration. Lawyers fees, home insurance, land transfer taxes, adjustment expenses, home inspection costs, home appraisal fees, moving costs, etc. are just a few additional expenses that you may run into. You also need to factor in what kind of down payment you are going to pay. The more money you put into the down payment, the more you may be able to save over the course of the amortization, but not in all instances. Also, if you are an investor, those interest expenses are tax deductible and might make more sense to pay and keep more of your down payment money for a future purchase. There are countless scenarios to consider and Adam has years of firsthand experience to guide you.


You’ve likely heard this phrase numerous times, but what does “location, location, location” really mean? This frequently used saying is much more than just a buzzworthy catchphrase, and the answer isn’t always as obvious as “you get what you pay for”. Practically speaking, location is usually the most important factor when buying a property and location directly affects a majority of the value of real estate. However, the perfect location is very personal and depends on your individual needs. Is a certain neighbourhood perfect because it’s close to your workplace or in the ideal school district for your children? Are you looking for something further removed from the hustle and bustle of the city and you don’t mind an extra 20-minute commute to work to have that extra acre of land and more privacy in the country? Regardless of your situation, things like lifestyle, accessibility, crime rates, etc. are what might play a role in determining the perfect location for you.


Adam DeGroote is a full-service real estate professional which means working with him comes with first class customer service from start to finish. Adam provides an elevated, client-focused experience where he personally looks after all your viewings, showing feedback, legal document signing and delivery and especially the negotiations, to ensure the successful purchase of your home. When you hire a full-service Realtor, you expect to get what you pay for. Adam is always accessible so when you have questions, when you expect updates, when you wish to view properties, and when things need to get done, he is the one directly looking after you. Adam also has a personal administrative staff working hard behind the scenes so that he can personally take care of his clients and their needs, rather than another agent that works under him. Every facet of the transaction is looked after and overseen by Adam to ensure your complete satisfaction. When you hire Adam DeGroote as your Realtor, you get him 100% of the time. Not taking the “team” approach has been a well thought out decision for his career. The customer experience for Adam’s clients is the most important part of the entire process and he cannot make sure that you’re completely satisfied unless he’s taking care of business himself, every step of the way. Above all else, your real estate professional should put your needs first. Adam’s clients are extremely important to him and their happiness during this whole process is number 1. Hiring a true professional to help you through this journey is essential because they are an extension of yourself and your needs. Whether that means being punctual, looking polished, being prepared with the proper documents or representing you and your circumstances most favourably, Adam promises that he will always have your back. Adam’s personal reputation in this industry is something he prides himself on and he does not take it for granted for one second.


Knowing your needs, wants and dealbreakers when searching for your ideal home will help you save time and allow you to hit the ground running when you’re ready to buy. Create a simple checklist to help you narrow down your house hunting search. In addition, before you start clicking through new home listings on, save yourself time upfront. Make sure you’re pre-approved by a reputable lender that knows our local market. Knowing what you can afford before you begin searching saves time and energy. Adam can recommend a handful of trusted lenders whom he has worked with on numerous successful transactions for their mutual clients.


Now that you’ve sorted out your financing, set a budget, narrowed down a location and categorized your wants vs. needs, it’s time to start house hunting. This is where the fun begins! Adam will get to work personally searching for you and he will also set you up on an automated email system that will inform you of all the available listings that match your criteria. Beyond that, Adam never stops scouring the market until he finds exactly what you’re looking for.

When something piques your interest, determine when you’re available to view these properties. Contact Adam with your requests and he will arrange the appointments and personally view the homes with you. Adam is always accessible by phone or email and will be able to provide his expertise on any questions you may have before or after your viewings. If you require recommendations on other top industry professionals like mortgage specialists, lawyers, home inspectors, or home appraisers, Adam will gladly provide various options for you to get in touch with.


Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect home and are ready to pull the trigger and make an offer. To ensure that you’re fully prepared and have the best odds of getting your offer accepted, Adam will go over all the details of the contract with you. Making sure you are completely informed and comfortable with the terms of the sale is Adam’s top priority. Once you have gone over every detail, Adam will either sit down with you to get your signatures or will send you the documents to e-sign for your convenience. Either way, he will be there to help you navigate all aspects of the offer and its terms. His years of experience and expertise will help make sure your offer is well received and has the best possible shot at being accepted.


Let’s face it, in every real estate deal, the more educated your Realtor is with our ever-changing market and the more experience they have in this extremely competitive industry, the more likely you are to get your offer accepted. As a top producing, full-time, internationally recognized Real Estate Broker, Adam has the education and hands on experience that have helped him to successfully negotiate millions of dollars worth of transactions for his clients on various types of properties. Adam treats your money as if it were his own, ensuring you pay as little when buying and always fights hard for the best terms and conditions for his clients to ensure that they get the best deal possible. When it’s time to negotiate your purchase, Adam is there 100% to help guide you with making the appropriate move. Whether it is to compose a straightforward offer, determine which conditions to use in your purchase or compose a carefully thought-out counteroffer, how you handle your initial agreement can often make or break that deal. Adam has seen countless scenarios and situations played out and with his years of experience, he is best qualified to give you his expert advice.


Staying connected with his clients and keeping them updated throughout the entire process is incredibly important to Adam because he believes that people need to be kept in the loop with every step of the process of their purchase. When working with Adam, all calls, texts and emails will be responded to immediately. If you have already been in communication with him, you would have already noticed this. Rest assured that when your offer is in motion, you will constantly be informed of feedback and updates and you can always be in touch to discuss any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Do not hesitate to contact him to discuss whatever is on your mind. Adam will always speak with you same day with evenings, weekends and holidays being no exception.


Once an offer has been accepted, Adam looks after coordinating any home inspections or bank appraisals with you. Once your conditions have been fulfilled, signed off and your deal is sold firm, Adam looks after sending all the legal documentation to your lawyer of choice. From this point on, your lawyer will take over the legal aspect of the deal and will contact you to make arrangements to sign off and to retrieve the keys. Let the packing begin!