About Adam

Long before Adam became a Real Estate Broker, he was raised on his family’s tobacco farm in Brant County. Every spring, summer and fall he would spend from dusk until dawn working hard, learning about farming and how to run a successful business. This setting instilled in him a strong work ethic and determination to work hard for what he wants in life. When Adam was in his early twenties, he and his wife Niki saved up enough money to acquire their first real estate purchase; a 50-acre family farm, in which they still reside with their daughter, Liliana. Since then, Adam has built a portfolio of multiple investment properties in Brantford and Brant County and investing in our area has become a huge passion of his. After Adam began investing in real estate, he quickly found his passion and decided to pursue his career in the industry so he could immerse himself in real estate, all day, every day. Adam took the courses, finished at the top of his class and hit the ground running. As soon as he was legally eligible to obtain his Real Estate Brokers’ license, he studied hard and earned this designation which only a small fraction of licensed sales representatives ever achieve.

Since beginning his career in real estate, Adam constantly remains up to date with all the latest trends to enrich his awareness and knowledge of the industry. Through his personal and professional experiences in dealing in real estate, Adam has developed a specific knowledge of our local marketplace. Adam is always on top of what is going on in Brantford, Brant County, Norfolk County, Oxford County and the surrounding areas so that he can make informed recommendations and decisions for his clients and himself. Over the years, Adam has had the privilege of earning many awards and accolades. Though these are a tremendous honour and confirm that his hard work and dedication to customer service is being noted, nothing could be more rewarding than being able to advise and help his clients successfully move on to the next chapter in their lives and it gives him more satisfaction than any award ever could. Adam strongly believes in the positive effects that strategic real estate ownership can have on your life and that there simply is no better investment than owning real estate!