Niki DeGroote
Marketing and Client Care Coordinator

You probably recognize my wife Niki if you know me personally or if you follow me on social media.  Although she is new to my staff, she has always been very involved in the marketing and advertising aspect of my business.  With our daughter starting school this year, it was the perfect time to bring Niki into the office and make her position here official.  Her role as the Marketing and Client Care Coordinator will be a tremendous addition to my already outstanding support staff.

With years of experience in the real estate world, more specifically investing in and managing a property holding company with single family and multi-residential units, Niki has a very good knowledge of how the real estate world works.  Prior to working with me, Niki also has years of experience in office management and customer service.  Her professionalism and previous work experience gives me complete confidence in knowing that she will put her skillsets to good use in our office.  Aside from Niki’s marketing and media responsibilities, she is also responsible for overseeing and handling all my charitable initiatives.  Her main task within our group is to assist us in making our client experience as extraordinary as possible and to make sure that your property is marketed in the most effective way.  She will ensure that we collectively focus on exceeding our client’s expectations from start to finish, as your satisfaction is always our top priority.

Niki DeGroote - Marketing and Client Care Coordinator

Charity Scott
Administrative Assistant

Anyone who has placed a call or an email into my office will have likely spoken with Charity. Charity joined my office as my personal administrative assistant to help provide additional and even quicker support to my clients which allowed me to free up more time to be helping you buy or sell.  With years of experience in this role, Charity helps me oversee all the behind the scenes details.  All my client files are carefully reviewed by myself as well as my administrative staff making sure that no detail goes unnoticed.

In addition to all of Charity’s office proficiencies, she was born and raised locally and is very familiar with Brantford and Brant County, making her knowledge of the area an added bonus in this role. Charity also brings along with her a qualified set of skills through her BA in Arts and Adult Education from Brock University, and work place experience in customer service, training and development. With the real estate industry being fast paced and ever changing, Charity is the perfect fit and has jumped right in to learn the ins and outs of buying and selling in todays’ market. Her friendly and helpful attitude and ability to adapt and research on the fly are skills that are in high demand. She is working hard behind the scenes staying up to date on my client database and the current real estate market in our area. She is organized, efficient and a reliable source to contact to handle your questions or concerns. I am delighted to have her as a valued member of my staff!  Next time you are near the office, please stop in for a coffee and say hi!

Charity Scott